STARTING PROGRAMMING 002: Why You Learn To Program In 2020

This is a continuation of STARTING PROGRAMMING 001where we talk about some introduction into this series.
So let us look at the reasons why you may want to learn how to program.
Actually, there are many reasons why people learn or dabble with programming. We will look at three reasons why programming may be of benefit to you;

The most frequent reason why people learn programming is because of the need to build this widely used and usable, scalable skill called programming. Programming is in every field of endeavour under the sun moon and stars. Name any field of human endeavour and I can tell you how programming affects or can affect it. I even watched somewhere that some monasteries give their monks tabs! Because of this ubiquity of programming, learning it has become a veritable way to launch into a valuable career path or perhaps even switch careers from a boring or not-so-well-paying one to a more fulfilling one.

 Truth is that programming will involve constant learning…

STARTING PROGRAMMING 001: Everything you need to know 2020

Is Programming important?
 Well, you already know the answer. The world literally runs on programming these days. I would have gone on to tell you how programming helped us land on the moon for the first time and how programming runs your phone, laptops, smartwatches, Siri, Apple, Google and so on.
But hey you already know that programming is important so here is what we will do.

Google Africa Developers Scholarship 2020: How to Apply

Google is partnering with Andela and Pluralsight to bring you the 2020 Google Africa Developers Scholarship also known as GADS. The programme has been a yearly one for a couple of years now and the organizations seek to use it as a way of bringing up and sharpening new or existing programmers in Africa. PluralSight is already known for high-quality tutorials on different technologies and they have top-class programmers, some of who have 30 to 40 years of programming experience.

Anatu Green Youtube: I Am Giving Away 10,000 to A Lucky Youtube Subscriber, Here is How to Win

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GreenQuote 001

It is an unforgivable error to live with a brain and be poverty-stricken for a lifetime -Anatu Green

How to get 1GB Data for ₦200, or 4GB Data for ₦1000 on MTN in 2019

How to get 1GB Data for ₦200, or 4GB Data for ₦1000 on MTN in 2019.

So MTN Nigeria is giving customers of the biggest network provider of Nigeria some special data offers in 2019.
With this you can get 1GB of Data for just ₦200 Naira for 7 days on MTN or even 4GB for ₦1000 Naira for 30 days.